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Definition of Rubberists

The simplest definition of a rubberist is, that it is a person who enjoys rubber, in one shape or another. Generally this means that the person enjoys wearing rubber clothing, but it also sometimes means a person who likes balloons (the party sort), someone who enjoys having sex while wearing rubber, or while the partner does it... So, simply put a rubberist enjoys the material rubber. However, the term has lately been expanded to include a whole range of other, relatively similar materials such as the more obvious pvc, and less obvious materials such as spandex (which some call lycra™[?] ).

This adoration is very often the simple feeling of the rubber against one's skin, however other than that a rubberist may very likely enjoy any of the other senses that can be used to experience rubber... Look, feel, smell, taste and sound are all involved with the feelings of rubberists, and while not all have all of them, the wide spectrum of people that makes up the rubberist community, or rubberism itself, is that you enjoy at least one of these. Bellow we will explore each of these senses a little more in depth.

The sensations

The look of rubber is the simplest of all the different pleasures, and the one that is most widely accepted in mainstream media. Properly shined rubber will reflect the light in a way unlike most other substances, and unlike any other substance used for clothing, but while this pure level of aesthetics is generally accepted today, it is not just shined rubber that gives rubberists pleasure, un-shined rubber also has a certain, unique look to it that some preffer.

The feel of rubber is another of the simpler pleasures... Tactile sensations have always been one that people in general have enjoyed, we all know that the smallest children will touch things before they see them. This sensation does not simply mean that of wearing it, it also means the sensations that come from touching the rubber with your hands, stroking a rubber-clad body, or even simply stroking or touching rubber.

The smell of rubber is a less normally accepted as a part of the fetish in the general populace. There are a number of distinct smells that rubber might give off, depending on wether it is cold or warm, or what type of rubber it is. Some rubberists even find that the different colours of rubber give off different scents, and that they can recognize the different colours by this scent. The scent triggers memories of pleasure, and in some cases the scent thus becomes a source of pleasure in its own right.

The taste of rubber is a similarly less accepted part of rubberism. While rubber is an organic material, it is not digestable, and as such it should be repulsive to humans. However, some people find that the strong, vivid tang of rubber pleasing, and it might become a part of their fetish in this sense. This also in some cases find its way into other fetishes. You might for example see a foot fetishist, who suckles on a pair of rubber-covered toes. This might lead them into a fascination with the material covering the foot they adore.

The sound of rubber is a particularly wide ranging part of the fetish, though again not a widely accepted one in the general populace, and in this case not even very well known. Not only does rubber have the ability to make loud squeaking noises when rubbed, as we all know from balloons, a sound a lot of people find annoying, but which to some rubberists is very enticing. The sound of loose rubber sheeting being ruffled is also one which, on some rubberists, sparks memories of pleasure. For example it might be the sound of rubber covers being shaken, the sound of rubber clothing being made ready for wearing, the sound of a loose garment or something else. That is, the sound of rubber in all its splendour.

In short - rubberism has a wide range of facets. Hopefully this has given you some sense of what makes a rubberist tick. If you have found missing things, or inaccuracies, please don't hesitate to contact us so it can be rectified.